Spam Killing at OSXCON

by Steve Mallett

The Gods may have taken pity on me knowing that going to OSXCON just wasn't in the cards. They dropped a gem of an OS X app into my lap yersterday that I surely wouldn't have been looking for had I been in Santa Clara, enjoying the weather and all-round OS X alpha-geekiness.

Let me share it with you fellow conference attendees (though not in the physical form I will be there in #osxcon on Its name is simple and in combination with's junk filtering it has reduced my inbox's daily suggested spam intake by 3/4. Behold, it is Mailfilter.

This will be especially wonderful for those of you stuck on a dial-up connection in your hotel rooms for it will login to your pop3 account and delete unwanted mail there. Thereby saving you the pain of having to download it first to your machine and having do its magic.

Simply spark up Mailfilter prior to checking your mail, let it do its work, then download what is left over. There will also be lots of alpha-geeky folks there who can show you how to get mailfilter running at pre-selected time intervals via 'cron' if you're not familiar with how wonderful the unix tools under the OS X hood are.

What makes Mailfilter in combination with such a wonderful combo is that at the end of the day you can look through your "junk" mailbox and add more deletion parameters to Mailfilter based on what got through the first time.

Those of you going wireless at the conference might save you fellow attendees some bandwidth too so they can blog the sessions for me.

It's 4:30 Am in Santa Clara as i write this and there's no one awake in #osxcon. I thought you guys'd be hardcore.


2002-10-02 03:55:06
Mailfilter on Mac OS X
I have to agree with you, Steve. I am using Mailfilter since my first days on Mac OS X (I switched in the beginning of this year) and it does its job absolutey great. Additionally I found a nice tool to configure the Mailfilter: MailfilterX is a cocoa front-end for maintaining the whole configuration. It is (unfortunately) not open-source, but free. You can found it at and it's working fine form me, too.

best, Paul.