Spam Update: Times Are Good. GMail Rocks

by Matthew Russell

It's been a couple of months now since I transitioned to Google's web-based services. So far life has been pretty great. I can do everything I want with my calendar online, I've been using Picasa for sharing photos, Google Notifier keeps me in tune with my mail and calendar when I'm working on my PowerBook, and the best part is....only 7 spam messages have crept through and managed to land themselves into my inbox. I'm especially happy about this since hundreds were creeping through each month before I made the switch. And speaking of "hundreds," I'm going to be saving myself a hundred bucks here in another month or so.

I know that GMail won't be the solution for everyone, but if you're really getting sick of spam, consider giving it a try. The last article I put together for MacDevCenter provides you with a fairly detailed step-by-step plan. One thing I didn't mention, however, is that you might consider using GMail as a spam filter even if you choose to keep your .Mac account. Google for GMail as a spam filter. Lots of success stories with step-by-step instructions are out there.

And for the record: I will definitely be blogging and giving Apple kudos when/if they finally do decide that effective server-side spam filtering is important to .Mac members. Hopefully, that day will come sooner rather than later. Of course, your feedback to .Mac can only help.


Adam Turetzky
2006-11-16 10:24:23
My what a fickle crowd us Mac folks are huh? 4 years ago when .Mac was iTools and free some users found out that Apple was filtering their e-mail for spam and practically marched on Cupertino with pitchforks calling for Steve's head. We absolutely demanded that Apple remove ALL spam filters from .Mac mail and how dare they ever touch our in-boxes.

Read about the Apple spam filter outrage at Macintouch from 2002

2006-11-16 11:17:52
> "some users... practically marched on Cupertino with pitchforks calling for Steve's head."

"Practically"? Pft. Lightweights.

2006-11-16 11:19:39
Having read the Macintouch report, it seems the annoyance was that iTools users didn't have any control over, or even awareness of, the spam filtering. That does suck. I'm assuming Google at least advertised the filtering.
Tim L
2006-11-16 17:25:06
I just went to your gmail as a spam filter site and made google work as a pop account and forwarded all .mac mail to gmail as was suggested by one of the commenters. Seems like a more simple and straight forward answer.
2006-11-17 10:45:35
Yeah, I just read your article via RSS in the new Google Reader which has replaced NetNewsWire for me.
I like it because I can read my RSS feeds from anywhere. I don't need to have my Mac with me.