Spare parts, yes. Spare servers.....

by Chris Josephes

Would you buy a computer that you had no intention of using?


Matthew Sporleder
2006-06-12 19:07:02
I run many, many active-passive server pairs. That is, effectively, a spare server. I also run setups much like this with four running servers and a fifth just in case one of the others dies, we need to test something quickly, or whatever.

They're handy for all sorts of things; upgrades as well as failures.

Blades are even cheaper than full servers, so having an extra few shouldn't be a big problem. Why troubleshoot all night and run at degraded performance in your cluster while your wait for hardware when you can just fail over and work on it the following day?
Hardware is cheap compared to software and people anyway. (especially hourly people on call pay, and you usually don't have to pay software licenses for truly passive nodes where the software isn't running)

2006-06-13 14:27:28
With blades, usually you're using some sort of SAN or shared storage, and they tend to die quite often. In that case keeping them around is a good thing(tm), especially with the management features that's availiable on them.