Speaking at RFID Tribe in Dallas

by Bill Glover

Related link: http://www.rfidtribe.com/event.html

I will be speaking at the RFID Tribe chapter meeting in Dallas on the 21st of January. My topic is "Fugitives From the Server Room: Negotiating With Devices on the Edge." Chris Hanebeck of GlobeRanger will also be speaking on "Next Generation RFID-enabled Supply Chain Networks"
RFID Tribe itself seems like a neat idea. It brings together business and engineering types with an interest in RFID to share info and business cards in a low-marketing zone. I spoke with the founder of RFID Tribe, Mark Johnson, and he seems committed to remaining vendor agnostic, though my official Sun Java Mind Control Ray(tm) will prevail regardless.
What impresses me about these folks is the clever set of incentives they've built into the organization to reward participation. The structure reminds me of the anti-leech code in a good P2P or (to show my age) the upload/download ratios on a BBS systems[1]. Mark better be careful, when the Singularity comes, this thing could turn into a Charlie Stross style, sentient organization.

1. of which all right thinking people know that Gman's Rock City U.S.A. was the very best BBS of all time.

Do you know of or belong to any other RFID organizations? Do you (falsely) believe some other BBS was better than Rock City?