Speaking Up After The Buyout: Brent Simmons & Greg Reinacker

by Tom Bridge

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The sale of NetNewsWire from Ranchero to NewsGator was all the rage on Tuesday, prompting everything from congratulations to hair-tearing. What was most fascinating about the whole process was the way that the community responded to the news. Greg Reinacker and Brent Simmons held both a press event with mainstream media, as well as making themselves available to bloggers like Niall Kennedy, who posted the audio of his interview with them to his weblog.

With both companies involved heavily in the RSS world, not to mention blogs, it's no surprise to see them turn to blogs and accept blogs as covering media in this instance, it's just the first time that I can remember that it's happened so quickly and so candidly. The interview's about half an hour long, and Niall asks some excellent questions about how Brent and Greg are going to proceed and what it's like to work in a distributed software firm.

What do you make of the migration from press-events to blog-events?