Special Event: Aperture Vs. Lightroom

by Micah Walter

Next week is going to be an exciting one for Adobe. The long awaited release of their much talked about Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 will take place on Monday following a public beta testing period that has spanned an entire year.


For many, Lightroom has already become a favorite app. Not only is it a lightweight program with a snappy interface, Lightroom runs on both the Mac and the PC. For others, it has probably made more sense to wait for an end to the beta period. So we can be sure many folks will be eager to download the free trial and see how the first version stacks up.

There have been many articles written on the differences between Lightroom and Aperture over the past year. So many that at first I thought I would be beating a dead horse to bring up the "Aperture vs. Lightroom" equation once again. But, I really have been pretty excited about Lightroom, and I feel I needed to do something.

So, for the entire week, beginning Monday, I am going to take you on a journey into the heart of both applications. All week I will be shooting a travel documentary of the tiny island of Dominica. Each day I will alternate between applications. One day I will use Aperture, the next I will use Lightroom and back and forth until the end of the week. I plan to use this as an opportunity to pick apart the two programs and really put them to the test, side by side, in the field.

I also plan to publish a web gallery of my selects each day so you can follow along with the results, and yes, I will be talking about the photography in general and not just the software.

The shooting for this event will begin this weekend with a boat trip to the nearby French Island, Les Saintes, and then we will really begin to get into things on Monday when I go down to the capital to cover "Carnival." If all goes well, I should have my first web gallery and blog entry up by Monday night or Tuesday morning. During the rest of the week I have a number of shoots lined up so keep checking back to see how things are going.


Anders Rosenberg
2007-02-16 01:43:24
WOW! Thanks for wanting to share your experiences. I'm really looking forward to it. Good luck with your whole project!
John Faughnan
2007-02-16 09:08:20
The one question I'm interested in -- has Adobe done anything to support migration from iPhoto? That's where Aperture has a major lock.
David Medina
2007-02-17 12:53:45
I am grateful you are doing this. I have been trying to get someone to help me understand each software so I can decide which one is best for my workflow.


2007-02-18 00:41:39
Hey, great idea! Look forward to your experience with both Apps.


Chris Hester
2007-05-29 08:45:03
The article is blank in Opera! I see the header and the comments, and a huge gap of grey inbetween, but no image or text for the article. Works OK in Firefox. Can you fix the code for Opera too? Thanks!