Speed up Safari

by Hadley Stern

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This little hack is courtesy of macOSXhints.com and boy oh boy does it work great! The hack comes out of an interesting piece written by the Safari developer David Hyatt on the adding of timers to browsers. Apparently, in order to render obsolete flashing pages that can occurs when a webpage loads, (due to the client getting data from any number of sources; the stylesheet, various data sources, etc) web browsers are programmed with a little delay. The delay is, appropriately, conservative. But by adjusting a variable in the Safari preference file you can speed Safari’s delay time up.

To try this (after backing-up, etc.) go to the terminal after Safari has quit and type:

defaults write com.apple.Safari WebKitInitialTimedLayoutDelay 0.25

The default time in the Safari preference time is 1.0. Now go ahead and launch Safari. Notice a difference? I sure did! As someone commented on macoxhints.com it was like getting a new machine. I wouldn't go that far, that is certainly feels like Safari had a double-shot espresso.

Have you tried to speed up Safari? Or are you more of a Firefox or IE kind of person?


2004-05-23 01:40:22
Top notch hint!
Thanks to the the OS X hackers out there that got this one out of the bag. Works a treat!
2004-05-24 12:31:55
Safari booster
Well, I typed this gomer every which way I could think of and I get getting a msg that it would not change the default setting. I'm envious that it seems to work for others.


2004-05-27 14:12:13
problems running script

are the admin of your machine? If not that could be the problem.

2004-09-25 16:26:20
a slight problem
I know that some people ran into a problem with this suggestion. Here is the command that you should execute:

defaults write com.apple.Safari WebKitInitialTimedLayoutDelay -float 0.25

Notice -float. The suggestion above ignores this flag and 0.25 is rendered as a string.