SpikeSource helps give rebirth to the software industry

by Kevin Shockey

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"SpikeSource believes that there is a renaissance under way for software where corporations are not beholden to specific vendor solutions and where best-of-breed assembly helps companies run their businesses better," said Kim Polese, SpikeSource CEO.

With their latest announcement, SpikeSource announces their alliance with the Open Source Development Laboratory. This move follows their recent announcement of the dream team advisory board. Reading like a who is who of the open source industry these announcements build great momentum as they head into the Open Source Business Conference.

Tomorrow I expect SpikeSource to announce the general availability of their SpikeSource Core stack, i.e. a LAMJ stack. After approximately four months as a beta offer, the general availability of their product will mark the formal arrival of SpikeSource. I, for one, am anxiously waiting more details about their complete product and service offers. To date, the amount of information available has been sparce and they have remained some what aloof. In general, I believe that they have much more going on then is apparent.

As for a rebirth of software for corporations. Well.... I believe that corporations will almost always be beholden to specific vendor solutions. As time goes by I become more sure that we will have a completely heterogeneous information technology future. In every sense of this phrase. Open source software will not eliminate all other forms of software. It goes against everything that 40 years of history has taught us. In addition, as long as there are niche solutions, corporations will accept whatever technology those solutions bring. I remember receiving a wide spectrum of technology whenever we purchased an "integrated" solution. Whatever technology that solution required, we received. Whether this will change as software continues it's march towards commoditization is yet to be seen.

Do you think that SpikeSource will become the new Dell?


2005-04-05 02:53:44
open source web page?
Is this really an open source company? Their web page is totally unusable on my platform - Debian testing + Firefox. I don't know if it works in IE, I don't own that product.
2005-04-06 13:20:59
open source web page?
Ah, OK, fixed. Nice.
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