Spot for BlackBerry Releases New Version

by Dave Mabe

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Spot for BlackBerry is a great application and it just got a lot better. Previously, Spot for BlackBerry has been limited to devices with a builtin GPS, which currently limits you to the 7250 or the 7100i.

The newest release of Spot can now use external Bluetooth GPS adapters, such as the Garmin GPS 10, or the Holux Bluetooth GPS device. This lets you use a GPS with any BlackBerry that supports Bluetooth.

This lets you get the best of both worlds - you can use a BlackBerry that doesn't eat your battery alive (has always been a problem with the 7520 and the 7100i) and get GPS functionality.

The BlackBerry and GPS marraige is inevitable. I think we'll continue to see tighter and tighter integration with location based services for the BlackBerry. The unlimited data connection that the BlackBerry provides is simply too enticing for GPS developers.