Spring Forward, Fall Back. Or is it Spring Back, Fall Forward?

by M. David Peterson

In regards to Daylight Saving Time here in the United States, this year: It's both! 3 weeks back, and 1 week forward to be more precise, accounting for 4 more weeks worth of sunshine to brighten each and every one of our days.

Unless you live in Seattle**. ;-)

via the U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department,


2007-03-11 11:07:10
There is only one "s" in Daylight Saving Time (not Daylight SavingS Time).
M. David Peterson
2007-03-11 12:06:23

Thanks for the catch! Fixed.

Eve Adam
2007-10-28 14:28:19
My "boyfriend" called me to remind me to change all my clocks today because I did not change them last night when he changed his. No wonder TV didn't tell me this year! You have set me straight, and yours was the most interesting sounding Google reference for "spring forward, fall back time" so I don't care if you're funny or not.... you told me what I needed to hear and even gave me a chance to tell you about my websites. Eve Adam, a.k.a. Harmonic Eve