Spring Modules 0.7 Released

by Krishna Srinivasan

Spring Modules is a collection of tools, add-ons and modules to extend the Spring Framework. The core goal of Spring Modules is to facilitate integration between Spring and other projects without cluttering or expanding the Spring core.

The new version contains the following notable features:

* new Ant module - access Spring beans from Ant.
* jbpm module - fixed cleanup of static fields which allow reuse of JBPM configuration in the same classloader (such as with testing)
* XT module - new HTML component added along with some important fixes
* all the modules have upgraded their Spring dependency to 2.0.1

More Details in www.springframework.org

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2006-12-29 11:36:31
That's great. They have a lot of good plug-ins there.

Now if they'd only push the release to Maven2...