Sprint charging $2.50 per song (wireless download)? Ouch...

by Todd Ogasawara

Sprint's Halloween announcement says
For $2.50 a song, customers get two copies of the song: one high-quality version formatted to play and enjoy only on their phone and another high-quality version formatted to download on to their PC. Customers can also burn their music to a CD using Windows Media Player.

Sprint Launches the First Instant, Over the Air Music Download Service in the U.S.

Couple of thoughts from this ordinary wireless/media consumer...

  • $2.50 per song? Ouch. That is 150% more than Apple's iTunes price.
  • Does it really take only 30 seconds to download the song at EVDO speeds? What is the audio bitrate used?
  • Does it only work with Microsoft Windows Media Player on the desktop/notebook? Where does this leave Mac OS X, BSD, and Linux desktop/notebook users?

Have you purchased songs over Sprint's wireless network? Let us know about your experience.