Starship Exeter

by Jonathan Gennick

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I just finished watching Star Trek Exeter: The Savage Empire with my kids, which, thanks to this page, I was able to download and watch. It's a fan-made movie of the Star Trek genre, in which the crew of the Star Ship Exeter mixes it up with some Klingons and rebels on the Andorian homeworld.

It's a great episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kudos to those who worked so hard to create it.

As I write this, I'm thinking that this movie didn't come from Paramount. Rather, it came from some very ambitious and passionate hobbiests. I know amateur films have been around for a long time, but I'm excited that this was so accessible to me, that I could just download it and enjoy watching it with my family. I liked it. My two kids liked it.

My heartiest thanks to Jimm & Josh Johnson, and all the others who worked so hard on this film. I can't express how excited I was to watch your creation. It ruined my productivity for the whole afternoon :) (uh, Tim, don't read that last sentence).

Have you had a chance to see this film? What do you think?


2003-01-03 06:49:35
does this work
2005-03-14 04:52:12
Starship Exeter
It's amazing how much effort and quality is put into this new Fan Fiction.

In addition to Exeter, there is and all based around various Star Trek series.