Starting a new Rails Project Spotlight series

by Jeremy McAnally

I was not mowing my lawn like Gregory, but I was reading this blog when I got an idea for a Rails version of the Ruby Project Spotlight series Gregory is spinning up.

The idea is that I'll post an entry once or twice a month about a new and active Rails project that's looking for more exposure. The project can be a gem, a plugin, an open source Rails application: basically anything that's related to Rails. The process for getting a project mentioned is simple: send me an e-mail about your project. It should follow these simple rules:

  • Keep it fresh — I'd rather not look at code from pre-Rails 1.0 or that's been sitting on Rubyforge for 11 months with no activity.

  • Keep it real — Project should be released before the time I post.

  • Keep it brief — A code sample, a project link, and up to two sentences of commentary is all I need.

  • You must be a developer on the project. (Sorry. No clever phrase for this one.)

The rules are so specific because the coverage is plentiful of things that don't fit within them, but a lot of the newer and (usually) more interesting projects aren't really gaining the exposure they need to get a flourishing community to spring up around them.

So, if you're a developer on one of these projects, e-mail me your submission by June 30th. I'll judiciously pick through them and make my rather subjective choice for July soon after. Hopefully this can bring some really cool Rails projects some exposure, and expose our readers to tools and projects they can make use of.


2007-06-04 14:23:52
You must be a developer on the project -- keep it personal ( a clever phrase for you ;))
2007-06-04 18:08:39
"Keep it personal" -- clever, I guess, phrase for rule five.
Gregory Brown
2007-06-04 21:18:50
It's great that you're running this series Jeremy, I look forward to seeing the first post!