Start-up bets against P2P distribution

by Marc Hedlund

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c|net's reports that Radiance Technologies, a Los Altos-based start-up funded by Sutter Hill Ventures, is launching a centralized network for content distribution, on the theory that P2P is the wrong technology for streaming media. As Paul Festa writes in the c|net article:

By operating over centralized, tightly controlled networks, Radiance hopes to avoid P2P pitfalls, including download interruptions when peers in the network turn off their computers; the possibility of spreading viruses or other hostile code between peers; providing a compelling but legal incentive for peers to join the network; and last, the difficulty in guaranteeing the delivery and integrity of files people expect to pay for.

My old pal and cohort Nelson Minar is speaking to this topic at the O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference, in his talk, Peer-to-Peer is Not Always Decentralized: When Centralization is Good.