Startups and the State of IT

by Kurt Cagle

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I've rather started a thread here concerning startups and the difficulty of making money off the new web. From my earlier comments, I have indicated that I think it will be difficult for startups to become the next Google or Microsoft, and that the era of such rags to riches story was over, especially in the context of the Long Tail.

I believe strongly that this is the case, but I wanted to talk about the flipside of this - the area where I think there is potential, so long as expectations are managed. Somewhere between 2000 and now, I believe that we entered a new domain, one that is just really beginning to play out. It is marked by a number of factors, some of which are "web 2"-ish, some of which are simply the dynamics of the web and networked technologies carried out beyond the linear portion of the curve into the non-linear, and hence, more unpredictable portion of the IT space. In no particular order, these factors are as follows: (Article continues ...

What changes are you seeing in the way that you approach work in the new tech economy. Are these comments consistent, or is the new look a lot like the old?


2005-11-14 05:43:57
Never underestimate the Market
While it may seem like there's no way another Microsoft or Google could ever arise, that's just not the case. Never underestimate the Market (but don't try to predict it either) in terms of its power to create wealth through innovation, sweat and greed ;-)