State Management in stateless SOA

by David A. Chappell

Since publishing my recent article on Next Generation Grid Enable SOA and taking this topic out into the world, I have been getting asked to clarify and frame the discussion around why state management in what is supposed to be "stateless" SOA is such an important issue. Steve Jones of CapGemini bluntly stated No they ruddy well shouldn't be when he wrote his opinion on stateful vs stateless services in a SOA.

My observation has been that the need for state management is a continuum that ranges from completely stateless to fully stateful services as the complexity of the business logic and the longevity of the service instance increases.


2007-09-26 10:22:19
What about view state (a la ASP .Net 2.0)?

I like the diagram fir complexity. I might do that a little different with time in the x, authority in the y, and resources in the z. That makes it a more dynamic picture of a real-time web instead of the traditional static view.