Steve Jobs' 3-Act Play (with photos)

by Derrick Story

Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in. Good movies are like that. You just keep thinking about them long after you've left the theater.

Apple's "One More Thing..." event is also in that category. Today's presentation was a lesson in how to launch a product. First you chose a compelling location: The California Theater in San Jose. This place is stunning inside and out. As you'll see from the shots I've included, the lighting and ambiance complemented Steve's narration.


Wynton Marsalis thrilled the audience during the "encore" performance at the California Theater.

Which leads me to the framework for the event itself: the 3-act play. This device is both entertaining and useful. You actually knew where you were during the course of the presentation. Each act added a little anticipation as we churned toward the climax of the play. The products themselves -- iTunes 6 and the iPod video -- were worthy of the build up. I like this format and wouldn't mind seeing a variation of it again.

Steve Jobs was well-prepared as always. But he seemed even more relaxed and witty than usual. He was the narrator with perfect timing. Did anyone notice that he wasn't wearing blue jeans?

Steve Jobs

After the show, Steve Jobs shows off the new video iPod to the press.

After working through the announcements themselves, Steve introduced Wynton Marsalis. It's still about the music, isn't it? Wynton and his fellow musicians were outstanding. It was a tasteful convergence of place, content, and performance. High marks to Apple for orchestrating this event. And yes, I'm still thinking about it...


2005-10-16 12:23:43
That was Bradford, not Wynton
2005-10-16 12:27:14
That was Bradford, not Wynton
Ooooops! Goofed that post.

That was Bradford Marsalis, not Wynton Marsalis, at the Apple press event.

Bradford plays the jazz trumpet.
Wynton plays the jazz piano.
They are full brothers, so the confusion is slighly understandable.

Yours is not the only blog to make the mistake, but is the only one I've bothered to correct.

2005-10-16 21:36:41
That was Bradford, not Wynton
Sorry, you're wrong. That IS Wynton. Wynton plays the trumpet. Branford plays saxophone (at least that's what he used to play in the Tonight Show band -- I'm sure he plays other instruments too).
2005-10-17 11:01:18
Not: That was Bradford, not Wynton
Looks a lot like Wynton to me...