Steve says...

by Giles Turnbull

Hookay; well, one thing a lot you will be happy about is that many of the rumors we were reading in the last week or so are true.

iWork does exist; it will replace AppleWorks (hooray!) and was developed by the same team that created Keynote. It will include Keynote 2, and a word processor called Pages. Price will be $79.

Pages sports the same swish-but-simple interface we've seen in Keynote, includes a bunch of elegant templates for all sorts of documents, reflow-text-around-objects, and reflow-text-as-columns.

iLife 2005 brings new versions of almost everything, including a better iPhoto that integrates with Mail, allowing you to export pictures that arrive in your inbox straight into an iPhoto album. There's new themes in iDVD, and eight-track vocal recording in GarageBand (wow, I am *so* going to enjoy playing around with that). As before, iLife is free with new Macs or can be purchased for $79.

Mac mini

golly, it looks good
What's at the back of a Mac mini

The headless Mac so many people were hoping for appears as the Mac mini. Features include: CD-RW/DVD-ROM optical drive, FireWire port, DVI, VGA ports, headphone jack, 1.25GHz+40GB+G4 model priced $499, or a 1.42GHz+80GB+G4 model at $599.

iPod shuffle

iPod shuffle
Do not eat iPod shuffle

The new Flash iPod is officially called iPod Shuffle. It will connect to PCs and Macs. I don't need to tell you everything now - I'll let Apple do that.

All I can say is: wow


2005-01-11 11:37:49
Ipod Shuffle Warling
In footnote 2 at: At the bottom in footnote 2: Do not eat iPod shuffle. LOL What lawyer made them put that in?
2005-01-11 14:37:14
Ipod Shuffle Warling
I think you underestimate Apple's sense of humor.
2005-01-11 20:02:33
Ipod Shuffle Warling
The Ipod Shuffle page shows the Shuffle next to some packs of gum. That's why the footnote says not to eat the Ipod Shuffle.

2005-01-12 20:25:07
2005-01-12 20:27:48
iWork \= AppleWorks
"iWork does exist; it will replace AppleWorks (hooray!)" I don't think that's the case: I don't see a spreadsheet module in there, or raster or vector image creation/manipulation. This is basically Apple's version of Word and PowerPoint: there's no Excel, Photoshop or Illustrator in there. AppleWorks is not obsoleted.