Sticky Query Fields

by Ben Long

Aperture flummoxed me for a bit this morning. I have a project with a few hundred images in it. The project also contains several albums, just the regular kind that I have dragged some images into. When I would click on the project, though, I saw only a small selection of images.

I clicked on another project and every image in that project was visible, even ones that were included in albums within that project. When I clicked back on my first project, though, I saw only a smattering of images.

It turns out that the Query field - the one directly above the right side of the browser pane - is specific to every project in your Library. In other words, once you set the query field to something while viewing a project, it stays that way until you change it.


So, my first project had a query set, but my second project didn't. If you find an odd assortment of images displaying in a project, remember that you may have performed a query at some point, and not reset it when you were finished.


2007-04-16 18:13:41
THANK YOU! This was driving me nuts.
2007-04-26 02:27:38
What drives me crazy is that in the my version of Aperture, nothing happens when I click on the some triangle in the Query Field. I am sure that a menu used to pop-up there to select "Two stars or better" for example but it no longer works :o(
Bill Booz
2007-06-18 14:04:55
Ben, THANK YOU! I was puzzled as you were and had just given up trying to figure it out, since I saw all the photos in the project in the various albums....then today I came across your posting from April 16th as I am reviewing those posts I haven't read and found the answer! Whew!