Still Undecided: Java Web Services vs. .NET Web Services

by Steve Anglin

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According to InfoWorld: "Web services supremacy between the Java and Microsoft .Net camps is far from over, according to a survey released this week..."

"The Evans Data's North American Developer survey, the results of which were announced this week, found that the battle for Web services technical standards is undecided at this point The more than 600 developers surveyed virtually split on development plans for Java and .Net. The survey, completed in September, found that 40 percent are developing applications for .Net now but 63 percent will target .Net in a year, while 51 percent develop for Java today and 61 percent plan to do so next year... Web services adoption, meanwhile, will jump from 57 percent now to 87 percent in 2003, according to the survey findings."

What do you think? Have you decided?