Strange Bedfellows for Pocket PC

by Steve Anglin

What stange bedfellows does the Pocket PC make: Compaq and Sun. Last week, Compaq, Sun as well as Insignia announced the inclusion of Java with every Ipaq Pocket PC H3800.

In fact, what does this say for Compaq's confidence in the .NET framework as a development environment for the Ipaq Pocket PC. Well, maybe, Compaq has concerns:

With the first concern, Compaq is afraid that .NET will not bring enough developers onboard its Pocket PC platform. Compaq has seen the Gartner and other statistics concerning developer migration away from Visual Basic, C++ and other Windows programming languages toward Java. Also, more and more Java development is taking place in the wireless space. Palm OS even has Java development options for its handhelds. There's also the fact that Java is even more widely adopted as development environments for cell phones as seen with Motorola, Nextel and more.

Compaq may also have concerns around security given recent security issues raised about .NET. For example, there was IIS and Nimbda worm virus, etc.

And finally, maybe Compaq is seeking an overall new direction based on the lackluster history of Windows CE and related embedded Windows OS and environments.

In retrospect, this is earthshaking news as Compaq, a loyal Microsoft partner up to now, might be moving away from .NET entirely. Time will tell. For more Java and .NET news, visit and the .NET DevCenter. Enjoy.

What do you think this will mean to the overall Microsoft-Compaq partnership? Share your thoughts with us.