Stream Music over WiFi from your Home Server to your Sony PSP

by Todd Ogasawara

Sony PSP streaming music from a home server
Sony PSP RSS Client streams music from a home server

In an earlier blog
(Sony Playstation Portable 2.6 firmware adds WMA and WiFi Podcast streaming support),
I noted that the RSS client Sony added to the Playstation Portable only worked with podcast feeds and streamed the audio file instead of downloading it for later listening.
This, to me, seemed like a bad idea at first.
But, I decided to take advantage of this feature instead of poo-pooing it.

The Memory Stick Pro Duo has relatively limited storage capacity compared to an iPod or most other MP3 players.
Mine stores game data, photos, videos, and a couple of music files.
The little 512MB Pro Duo in my PSP gets used up pretty quickly by those files.

So, I wrote a little PHP script for my home server that looks at a directory with MP3 audio files.
It creates valid RSS 2.0 XML with the enclosure tag pointing at the audio file on my home server.
The Sony PSP's browser recognizes this XML file as a podcast feed and lets me add it to its RSS feed list.
Switching over from the browser to the RSS client lets me stream music from my home server to anywhere in my home with WiFi signal to the Sony PSP.
This lets me use the much larger storage capacity of my home server (a little Celeron box running CentOS Linux with Apache httpd and PHP) to store music for use on my Sony PSP.

Have some other amusing hacks for the Sony PSP?


2006-01-29 16:49:57
could you give me a walkthrough how to do that?
Todd Ogasawara
2006-01-29 21:01:38
You can find a summary of what needs to be done on my personal websites' MobileViews Q&A Mailbag ...
If it has scrolled off the front page, click on PortableGaming under Categories on the right sidebar to find all Portable Gaming related Q&A items.

I've gotten a number of requests for more info. So, I'm planning to release the little PHP routine on my website in the near future.

2006-02-07 20:21:58

Thanks for the article. It shed some light on the PSP streaming.
I'm using an OpenSource product called SlimServer Squeezebox ( on a WiFi home network with 3 PSP nodes present.
I've created the RSS2 XML file to pick up the streaming server (works OK from PC's), but it's unable to connect & start streaming ('Server does not support this feature').

What am I missing?

Todd Ogasawara
2006-02-08 00:48:44
Jaco: Check the XML generated by Squeezebox against the sample RSS XML file I provide in my personal website's Mailbox Q&A area. You can find it at
2006-02-14 07:39:09
can you share your php file?
2006-02-15 09:22:57
My main consern is to get access to pictures and videos on my W2k server.
I also thougt about streaming, but on the picture side I would have to create a slideshow stream.

So I ended up making some webpages, fortunatley it is easy to have them made automaticly.
I am experimenting with size atm. to get the pics to look good.

2006-03-06 05:13:05
hello what do i need to do all this
2006-03-06 07:51:49
Jaco -

Did you ever get the PSP to stream the RSS2 XML that you created from slimserver. Any chance that you could post the XML.

2006-03-06 07:53:39
I would really like the PSP to be able to interface with slimserver and stream mp3 files from my server. I've followed the links and can't get this to work. Help??
2006-04-04 06:40:43
Check out for another solution
2006-04-15 11:27:47
I've got a sony vaio server which I use to stream music/picutres etc but cant't link psp to the server any idea thanks.
Todd Ogasawara
2006-04-15 16:26:15
Ty: You need to provide a bit more info than just the brand name of your computer in order for people to give you some advice. What kind of server? What kind of web server? What software are you using? Etc.
2006-04-24 18:22:25
I was looking at the sony vaio server too ... its actually software on the vaio laptop that allows you to share the media library on the pc. So far I've had no luck, I've also tried streaming from my local ColdFusion server but I'm getting the same message ('Server does not support this feature') - my XML is spot on but the server doesnt like it - I thought the ColdFusion development server would suffice and will post if I find out why!
Nigel Kendrick
2006-05-06 13:51:42
Hi Todd,

Like a poster on on eof you rother sites, I too get a 404 error and it seems to be related to spaces in filenames - if I rename 'my example music file.mp3' to my.mp3 it plays fine.

I am running apache on CentOS with PHP 4.4.2.

Any thoughts (apart from delete all spaces!)?


PS: Thanks for the great bit of code!

Nigel Kendrick
2006-05-06 15:42:14
Further to my previous message, I have rolled up my sleeves and modified the PHP code to replace spaces in the file links on the generated xml page with '%20' and it works fine. I have submitted the code to Todd for him to check and post if he wishes.
Nigel Kendrick
2006-05-07 03:13:06
As you can tell by my postings, I am having fun with this code! I have added the ability to list mp4 video files (but cannot get them to play yet), and came across this PDF from Sony that describes in good detail how to create an RSS feed for the PSP - very useful:

2006-05-07 22:05:56
This is just what I needed! Kuddos. However, when I browse the playmusic.php file I get an error: Parse error, unexpected T_STRING on line 14.

I'm using PHP 4.4.1. Could that be the cause of this error?

2006-05-10 21:36:43
Nigel!! What do I do to get rid of the spaces and replace with %20??