Streaming from URLs on Apple TV

by Erica Sadun

So I wrote this plug-in that takes a URL and attempts to connect to it and play it back. To test, I used the recent Apple Keynote ( I get the audio just fine, but the video is all white. I checked out my codecs and they seem fine. So you all QuickTime experts out there, any hints as to where I might be going wrong? A similar test with a Comedy Central FLV stream failed completely. Just a black screen and an infinite wait loop(!/com/southpark/1011_cake_480.flv?__gda__=1176235556_733620de7b3346f8ad188c52111702d1)

My URL test plug-in. [Click to open at full resolution]

The QuickTime Keynote streamed audio but not video and displayed this white screen. [Click to open at full resolution]

The Comedy Central FLV source did not stream at all. [Click to open at full resolution]


M. Scott Ford
2007-04-11 06:45:36
I am still a little new to Cocoa, so forgive me if this is wrong.

You are using autorelease on all of the objects that you instantiate. Doesn't this mean that release is going to be called on all of them at the end of the current event loop? My bet is that would be bad for the controller object at the very least.

2007-04-15 07:07:27
Hi, It's a great plugin and I can confirm that things like Club 977's itunes feed work fine but there are some issues with it. Firstly, I can't use this plugin with your perl frappliance - it just pops up the perl plugin directory if you have both installed.

Secondly, any chance we can have labels for our streams - perhaps a directory with strm files a la Xbox MediaCenter (XBMC compatibility would be brillian IMHO) or alternatively some delimited means of labelling the urls. I can see this being a great 'streaming radio' plugin if developed. I'd do the legwork myself but I don't have a mac, so xcode's out of the question for me. Mind you... if I can get mplayer up and running with your perl plugin I might be able to do a few bits and pieces. hmmm...

Erica Sadun
2007-04-16 12:52:25
Steve: Because these were proof of concept rather than delivery items, I just reused the code and Apple TV has a hard time distinguishing between them. (And between them and ATVFiles which they're based on.) If I get a few moments, I'll recompile versions that should not interfere with each other.