Streaming your iTunes Music Folder with Andromeda

by Steve Mallett

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Andromeda is a super easy way to get your iTunes streaming back. The functionality anyway.

OS X ships with everything you need to run Andromeda: Apache (or "Personal Web Sharing") and PHP. You can even configure Andromeda to serve files downloaded from the iTunes Music Store (see bottom).

Remember, I would never encourage you to break the laws of your land. That'll just get you in trouble. Or maybe me. Anyway, have fun streaming again.

What do you suggest for streaming from your OSX box?


2003-06-01 16:47:21
or, for free...
look into Zina (Zina Is Not Andromeda)

similar goals, but free!

2003-06-02 04:57:16
Breaking the laws of the land...
It may be worth noting that Apple most likely didn't remove personal streaming from iTunes out of legal concern -- the Grokster and Morpheus rulings confirmed the distinction between technology and how it might be misused.

Apple almost certainly removed personal streaming because of the delicate political situation with the labels, their partners in the iTunes Music Store.

Thanks for letting people know about Andromeda!


2004-05-29 00:10:57
I use Andromeda and found it to be great! A little hard to set up at first. I would reccomend it.