Structured. Warnings. Now.

by Daniel Berger

The Problem

I find Ruby's current warning system, if you can call it that, lacking. Warnings are controlled by the -W flag on the command line, and are generated via the Kernel#warn method within code. There are a host of problems with this approach to warnings.


Dave Rolsky
2008-02-20 20:03:24
In Perl, warnings can be disabled lexically like this:

use warnings;


no warnings 'uninitialized';

print $may_be_undef + 0;

At the end of the block, all warnings are once again enabled. As far as testing them, of course you can, because you can "catch" warnings with $SIG{__WARN__}, and since this is Perl, there's a module on CPAN to help you, Test::Warn.

Gregor Schmidt
2008-02-21 04:00:06
I really like your proposal, so I started implementing it.

I just release a gem called "structured_warnings", that provides this functionality. I hope I did not step on your toe with this.

2008-02-21 19:01:23
I agree. This looks like a great idea. I never quite understood why warnings were fundamentally different from exceptions --which, btw, makes me wonder if this could actually be implemented piggy-back on top of the exception system somehow?
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