Stuck in a Cell Phone Plan? This may be a solution

by Glenn Letham

Everyone dreads signing on the dotted line and locking into a carrier for one, two, or even three years. There's a new solution available that may help you avaiod this hassle. Enter the cell swapper!


Moshe Yudkowsky
2007-01-18 09:38:50
Alternatively, you can purchase pre-paid mintues, e.g., 1000 minutes for $100. My back-of-the-envelope calculations show that if you don't use all the minutes you purchase each month, your per-minute cost can be far higher than the $0.10 charge for pre-pay.
Marc Cohen
2007-01-18 11:15:31
I used a few months ago to get out of my cell phone contract :) Just wanted to share my positive experience that I had. I learned of celltrade through a smart money article an dicided to give them a shot. It was really easy. I posted all my plan details and phone model. I had quite a few responses pretty quickly. I took my listing id and advertised it around myself as well on sites like because im from NJ. Anyway I call T-Mobile and told them my situation and that i had someone to take over my contract and 15 minutes later it was out of my contract penalty free!

I am a celltrade fan for life :)

2007-08-25 16:05:29

Just thought I would let you know about an alternative site for the UK mobile market and those wishing to exchange mobile contracts. May be worth a mention


2007-08-25 16:06:32
Sorry ... forgot to say, the alternative UK site is
2008-04-03 13:05:38
I posted my verizon "family" plan on need to save $250 on early termination fees!