Stuff that Caught My Eye

by Erica Sadun

Speed up Parallels [MacOSXHints]
MacOSXHints offers some Parallels tuning advice, specifically how to update Parallel's caching strategy to improve performance. PD Tweaker is an Application Enhancer plugin that makes Parallels use better caching.

Google's Ad Supported Videos [Google]
New to Google Videos you can watch ad-supported "free" videos including episodes of Mr. Magoo and Rocky & Bullwinkle. This week is supported by Burger King. Values range from 30 cents (for Music News) to $4.95 (for Wrestling Titans).

Jajah Offers Free Calls World-Wide [Jajah]
Jajah announced a free global calling plan for all registered Jajah users in the United States; Canada; China; Hong Kong; Singapore and Taiwan (mobile and land line) and Australia; UK; Germany; France; Italy and most other European nations (land line only). Both caller and recipient need to be registered Jajah members. With Jajah, you place calls over the net but you use your normal landline or cellphone handsets to talk. (Jajah rings the handset and then places the call.) Users must adhere to their "Fair Use" policy which basically says users won't abuse the privilege: "The Jajah "Fair Use " policy asks our users to "play fair" and behave in a manner that best serves our greater calling community. We ask that you limit your free hours to about an hour a day, five hours a week,or about 1.000 minutes per month. If you use it more than that, we ask that you also use some paid JAJAH services such as text messaging (or scheduled calling?) We can only offer the free service if enough people also use some paid services."

Are You A Bad Customer? [MSN Money]
Liz Pulliam Weston discusses how some companies are using customer databases to target corporate resources towards "good customers" and leave "bad customers" on hold and in the cold.

VisualHub: The Universal Video Converter for Mac [TechSpansion]
I haven't had a chance to play extensively with this yet, but I was already very impressed by their iSquint product. VisualHub advertises itself as the Universal Mac Video Converter--any format to any other format. Well worth a look.

Free Video Streaming [Strieamick]
Another wacky free video service. I found it an interesting concept but pretty much unwatchable on my DSL connection.

$1.99 at the iTMS--should it be ad-free? [ArsTechnica]
Looks like Apple's been adding adverts to some of those $1.99 ad-free videos. Kevin Khandjian requested his money back--and got it. Ars Technica has the whole story.

G6 iPods Delayed [CNN Money]
CNN reports that the next generation of iPods may not hit the shelves until Q4 2006 or even Q1 2007.

iWork "Numbers" Spreadsheet? [MacsimumNews]
MacsimumNews reports that papers filed with the US Patent and Trademark office may indicate that the Apple "Numbers" software will appear in future versions of iWork.