Stuff That's Caught My Eye

by Erica Sadun

  • New Apple Patent [Engadget]
    In this new patent, thousands of tiny image sensing cameras are embedded next to the LCD display pixels. We've been watching our monitors for years. Isn't it fair that they get their turn? And seriously, wouldn't it be cool to hold up photos or documents and have them scanned instantly?

  • The Smithy Code
    Whoda thunk it? Geek DaVinci Code Judge with a sense of humor.

  • Sheep Billboards [Herald Tribune]
    The challenge is, of course, to get the sheep to line up in raster arrays.

  • Little Green Apples []
    Jo Jo was a man who didn't buy a loaner, but he knew his Mac couldn't last. So he packed up his computer, in Tuscon, Arizona, and sent it to California fast. Take back, take back, take back the computer to where it once belonged. Take back, take back, take back the computer for recycling, mon.

  • Is it real? Or is it Memorex? []
    From Germany: iPod klones und produkt pirating. A fascinating fotogalerie to browse through.

  • PC Death []
    The top ways your computer will die.

  • libipod [SourceForge]
    Lightweight, C-based library for Apple iPod management, licensed under the lesser GNU public license(LGPL).

  • Prolonging your iPod's Battery Life [PlaylistMagazine]
    Tips to keep your iPod from running down before its time.


2006-04-27 21:23:38
Unfortunately (and ironically) libipod doesn't build on OS X ... they've got some issues with system headers and with that ubiquitous 'configure' script.