Subconscious PDA Slaying

by Derrick Story

If you've had a chance to read any of Chris Halsall's "Linux on a PDA" articles, you know what a terrific writer and smart technology guy he is.

Chris and I started working together two years ago when I was the managing editor for Web Review. He came over to O'Reilly Network when I took the job here, and he's helped me build the Network to the decent site it is today (along with lots of other folks!).

Chris and I share two interests in particular: Linux and Palm PDAs. Our work together in these areas has yielded quite a few articles over the years.

When I asked Chris to write a series of pieces on Linux PDAs, he jumped at the opportunity, and we've published articles on the Agenda VR3, the iPAQ, and the YOPY.

But recently, there was a tragedy in Chris's technology family. He chronicled the event in the article, Death of a Palm.

Being a fan of the Palm OS and its devices, I was concerned about this unfortunate event, and wrote about it in the latest O'Reilly Network newsletter. If you don't receive the newsletter, you might enjoy reading the text here ...

Intro to Death of a Palm

The circumstances surrounding the recent death of Chris Halsall's Palm PDA remain circumspect.

Yes, alcohol was involved. And there had been some tension between
the two of them, especially since Chris was spending more and more
time with the Agenda VR, the iPAQ, and then the YOPY.

The crowded, noisy room where the tragedy occurred provided ample
distraction for possible foul play. Yet the official explanation is
merely "suicide." All that now remains of Chris' Palm is a little
rectangular chalk outline on the barroom floor.

Was the Palm's demise a simple accident? Or was its passing the
inevitable last chapter in a chain of events that included the
testing, holding, and yes, even coveting, various Linux PDAs?
Read "Death of a Palm," and decide for yourself.

This is not the first such incident I've heard of ... do we have an epidemic on our hands?