Subscribing to Video Podcasts on the iPhone

by Noah Gift

Do any of the iPhone users out there subscribe to video podcasts yet, or watch TV or Movies regularly on their iPhone? I am currently watching the internal release of the Pilot for "Spotlight on Free and Open Source Software", and it looks quite good on an iPhone. More on that separate topic a bit later....


Bryan Y
2007-09-25 20:36:17
I love watching Tiki Bar episodes on my iPhone.
Noah Gift
2007-09-26 01:49:53
Bryan/I have watched a few episodes of that show. I like how it ties in the audience to the website. I think the iPhone could turn out to be a very powerful delivery medium. Portable devices like the iPhone are good enough to watch a show like Tiki Bar, or Spotlight on FOSS. You just plug in your headphones, and while you are waiting for your wife to finish shopping etc, you watch the show.
2007-09-27 04:20:08
I've been watching some really good woodworking podcasts;

First set of podcasts I've ever been able to watch more then 3 episodes of.