Sue me, I'm a Linux User!

by Kevin Bedell

In the latest twist in the SCO/IBM Linux battle, thousands of Linux users are signing an on-line petition literally inviting SCO to sue them for using Linux.

The petition, entitled "Hey SCO, sue me!" already has thousands of signatures. The text of the petition is:


I am a Linux user. I feel that SCO's tactics toward an operating system of my choice are unjust, ill founded and bizarre. I am willing to be sued because I am confident that SCO's tactics toward Linux will fail. If I have published my email address as part of this petition it is so SCO representatives can email me and begin the process of serving me a court order

When you sign it, you get an opportunity to leave a comment and identify which distribution you're using.

For some great background - and a good lesson in the history of Unix and Linux - check out the Open Source Initiative's scathing rebuttle of SCO's claims.

Check out who's signed the petition - or sign it yourself - at:

P.S. Added 5/22/2003 6 pm EDT -

The originator of the petition has decided to end the petition on May 24th. The response has been much more than he can handle on his own. After that he will be sending the results to SCO directly.

Someone with deeper pockets and/or more time may be able to help him - and other Linux users - by letting the petition go on longer and potentially reach tens or hundreds of thousands.