Summer of Code 2006 Opens for Students

by chromatic

Google's second Summer of Code has started to accept student applications since I started to write this. The project has expanded and matured and the list of mentoring organizations has grown.

I've volunteered as a mentor for the Perl Foundation this year. In particular, one project has my eye -- an improved, nearly-automatic native call interface generator for Parrot and Perl 5. We're looking for one student with some C and Perl abilities as well as an interest in parsers, compilers, and shared libraries. I don't want to give away the secret too much, but if this project works out it could completely change the nature of language interoperability.

The Perl Foundation's Summer of Code site has more details about the entire project. TPF's SoC Project Ideas is a great list of potential projects. If you'd like to flip bits, not burgers this summer, dig through the ideas from any of the mentoring organizations and apply. We'd love to have you.

(Mentors and mentoring organizations, feel free to post your top project ideas here; it's fun to see what other projects need and want.)


2007-10-04 07:48:36
i am BCS student.In google search how it send to all related search.what is the logic.