Summer of Code Kicks Off

by Caleb Tennis

Well, here we are at the beginning of another year of the Google Summer of Code. After a multi-week process of students applying and revising their applications, Google has narrowed down the total number of projects to roughly 630, meaning they're supporting over $3 million in open source project development.

RubyCentral had 84 applications. The top ten rankings were selected for funding. The quick list of projects is available here. _why has even posted a little writeup about the 4 projects that have thus far been announced.

There were quite a few great proposals that didn't receive funding which is unfortunate. But we're absolutely thrilled with what we received and are looking forward to great things.

Some exciting projects look to be happening this summer. I'm really hoping that we're able to run a transparent development process on these projects and gain a lot of community support for their continued growth. Stay tuned to your normal blog feeds and mailing lists for updates on how the progress goes.