Summer XML-related conferences

by Simon St. Laurent

XML Europe is now over, but conference-goers looking for XML and XML-related topics can find plenty of them at WWW2003, OSCOM, OSCON, Applied XML Developers Conference 2003 West, and Extreme Markup Languages.

XML Europe, held two weeks ago in London, kicked off the summer conference season with two notable keynotes. XML Europe provided coverage on multiple levels of a huge variety of XML-related subjects.

WWW2003, which starts tomorrow in Budapest, is an annual conference about the World Wide Web. The main schedule is a series of presentations at a fairly high level, while the developer's day digs deeper into specific topics. Too late to get to Budapest? xmlhack is sponsoring an IRC-based blog from the site.

Next week, the third Open Source Content Management (OSCOM) conference will be in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The program covers a broad range of content management topics, including subjects like Web Services and RDF, all with an open source angle.

Looking forward to July, O'Reilly's own Open Source Conference )(OSCON), will be in Portland, Oregon from July 7-11. OSCON starts with two days of tutorials and then has three days of sessions, including an XML track. XSLT, Web Services, schemas, Microsoft Office XML, security, and XQuery will all get a close look in an open source context.

Across town in Beaverton, Oregon on July 10 and 11, the Applied XML Developers Conference 2003 West will be exploring a mostly Web Services-oriented agenda. If you need the latest from some of the brightest minds at IBM, Microsoft, and some of the smaller Web Services vendors and promoters, this is a good place to be.

Finally, Extreme Markup Languages will close the summer with five days of high-powered conversation about markup. The beauty of Montreal in August combined with the depth and intensity of the conference presentations is a great combination. Extreme will be including the Knowledge Technologies conference, making it a good place to learn about Topic Maps and RDF as well as markup directly. The program for this year isn't yet posted, but programs for past years (2000 2001 2002) should give you an idea.

It should be a good - and busy - summer!

Know of more XML-oriented conferences?