Sun buys MySQL

by Jonah Harris

Earlier today, Sun announced that it will be acquiring MySQL. This is an interesting turn of events in Oracle's silent battle over MySQL. With Falcon still years away from being production-ready, and Oracle owning the most popular and stable storage engine for MySQL (InnoDB), what are your thoughts on this acquisition and the effects (both positive and negative) it may bring to end-users?

Several of the announcements can be found below:


2008-01-17 12:57:00
I think Sun's resources are going to make it easier for MySQL to build Falcon, which they need to do if they are to prevent Oracle from killing them.
2008-01-17 21:58:41
What's even more interesting is that this gets announced the same time as Oracle's purchase of BEA. Don't know if it's related, but...
2008-01-23 01:55:15
Don't you find it more than interesting that in many fields there tend to remain just corporations that are growing bigger each day? I'd hate to live in a "Johnny Mnemonic"-like world! Hope it's just some passing trend....
2008-02-16 01:57:18
As the artists found in the 20th century, capitalism converts even her enemies into her most loyal of priests. This is why I despise the "Cathedral and the Bazaar," and the apostles of Open Source. Soon Debian will sell, Richard Stallman will die, Craigslist will be seized by Rupert Murdoch under a manufactured scandal of terrorism and pedophilia, The Beat Happening will write the themesong for Lockheed Martin, and Jean Luc Goddard will capture it all as the last silent film. And when he dies, BP/Motorola/Rothschild/Rockefeller/PhillipMorris/EverythingCo will buy its rights, and use its images to sell a line of vacuum cleaners, built by Cambodian slaves, laced with cancerous chemicals.

Nerds, repeat after me: Open Source is dead. Workers of the world--- UNITE!

2008-03-26 06:53:09
This is really bad news if Sun buy MySQL.
Mysql is the best open source database on the world. I can't image that what will happen if mysql selled to Sun.
-- by jeaner
2008-04-10 12:06:22
Time to take a new look at PostGreSQL the most advanced open source database in the world.