Sun: Finally Updating the BugParade, Looking for New Infrastructure

by Tim O'Brien

Sun's Bug Parade hasn't changed in years. Just as Sun has moved away from Subversion to Mercurial for the JDK, it should be noted that Sun is not considering moving the BugParade to the existing customized Bugzilla that is a part of the offering.

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Ryan Sonnek
2007-05-21 05:41:18
Take a look at how atlassian provides *free* licenses for opensource projects.

B.T.W. - I am in no way affiliated with atlassian or JIRA. I'm a heavy user of their software for opensource projects and think they kick serious ass.

Tim O'Brien
2007-05-21 05:53:22
@Ryan, I should have qualified "free". I remember (long ago) when people were just starting to propose using JIRA for bug tracking at the ASF there were a number of people who were against it because it wasn't "free" as in "freedom".

I've been won over by the tool itself, but that isn't to say that I wouldn't be excited if there was an open source tool that could compete. I just don't see it happening because as you have already mentioned "they kick serious ass".