[Sun Microsystems:Project Blackbox] Sure It's Cool And All That, But Can It Survive A Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake?

by M. David Peterson

Apparently so.

via a ping from Mark Richardson (thanks, Mark!) I learned of the following. You can find out more @ http://blogs.sun.com/ontherecord/entry/project_blackbox_shake_test,

*NICE*! I want one ten!

NOTE: For those unaware, yes, it runs Windows too.

So here's the thing I really like about the above video... "What we discovered was that X happened, and X shouldn't have happened, so we're now going to go back and fix X." (or something to that effect.)

Folks, *this* is how engineering is supposed to be done,

* Build it.
* Break it.
* Build it again, but this time around build it better.
* Repeat.

As mentioned already, I want ten twenty! ;-)

Nice work, Sun!