Sun Not a Leader in Web Services...

by Steve Anglin

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Report from Gartner Symposium/ITxpo: Gartner analyst David Smith notes that although Sun won't be a leader in Web services development, Java could have a significant role (sources: JavaWorld and ZDNet).

This is not a very bold statement on Mr. Smith's part, given the clear momentum that Microsoft and IBM have established, mostly due to the fact that Microsoft and IBM put aside their differences in this instance. Together, Microsoft and IBM along with some others backed Web services standards like WSDL and UDDI. Sun didn't. Sun is now outside looking in when it comes to Web services, although their efforts to incorporate Web services into Java using JAX (Java API for XML) API have not gone unnoticed.

Also, Mr. Smith goes on to say how other vendors have hyped Web services, etc. Really, this analyst is not telling us anything we didn't already know, just based on simple observation at shows like JavaOne, XMLOne, etc. Give us more.

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