Sun ONE looks to be # 1 and more...

by Steve Anglin

Solaris 9 is now a Web app server player. As announced by Sun's Sun ONE group today, Solaris 9 OS now incorporates a J2EE Web application server, formerly the iPlanet Web application server. What a difference a year can make as I look at the J2EE Web application server market and its players?

A year ago, the J2EE Web application server market was led by BEA followed by Oracle and IBM. iPlanet, Bluestone, Borland, Sybase, IONA and more made up the final quarter or so in market share for this area.

Now, Sun has taken an apparently successful strategy shift by giving up on, at least, the iPlanet brand and division. Instead, it has put Sun ONE in the forefront as a group which manages a comprehensive software solution for its Solaris developers, which includes Solaris OS, J2EE Web application server, Forte for Java IDE (with Web services) and more.

This in combination with the lack of confidence in performance for Oracle's 9i Web app and database suite as well as even the HP-Compaq merger has insured that Sun maintains at least a strong third place in market share position. In regards to HP-Compaq, the San Jose Mercury News reports speculation that this merged entity HP may drop its Bluestone business in favor of bundling the BEA WebLogic server suite with its HP-UX. Does this signal interest that HP may even consider acquiring BEA Systems? It would make sense and put HP on an even more equal hardware-software solution footing with IBM and Sun. Time will tell.

For now, the J2EE Web application server market is still led by BEA (~ 22%), followed by IBM (~ 20%) and now Sun (~ 17-19%). Now rounding out the list is Oracle, which has dropped down to a distant 4th spot, followed by the likes of Bluestone, Borland, Sybase and IONA (not in order).

What do you think of the shifting market?


2002-05-22 14:36:49
"formerly" not "formally"
Good little article, thanks.

However, I feel the need to correct the "formally" error in the article. You should have used "formerly" in this instance. As writers, we must strive to maintain proper English whenever possible.

2002-05-22 14:40:34
"formerly" not "formally"
Thanks for the errata on this.
2002-05-24 08:05:51
It would have been interesting...
One thing stuck me as "missing" in this post from reading your other writings.

In your editorial "Sunís Evolving Role as Java Evangelist" from 4/17/2002 ( you predicted "look for these two products to be sold off, in the long term."

It would have been interesting for you to have acknowledged this prediction and how this changes your viewpoint expressed in this article rather then just addressing something more then marketshare and more merger and aquisition speculation.

Just a thought.

2002-05-24 11:43:06
It would have been interesting...
You make a good point. However, my prediction for Sun has not changed. Long-term, the Sun ONE product strategy is problematic for Sun, by competing with its own J2EE certified and licensed vendors (IBM, BEA and the like). It's also problematic in other ways as outlined in the editorial from 4/17 on --Steve