Sun says it's a software giant, too?

by Steve Anglin

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ZDNet's Eric Knorr discusses the Sun ONE announcement from last week. Sun says it's a software giant, too. In reality, it's not given the market share statistics. The more they say they are, the more this clouds their message as a Java evangelist and the more their J2EE licensing revenue flow from the likes of IBM and BEA is at risk.

I'm sure IBM, BEA and others aren't thrilled with last week's announcement that Sun is basically competing with them in the same space, while at the same time, Sun collects licensing revenue from these competitors in that same space. For these competitors, that's double jeopardy, thanks to Sun. For more on this, check out this feature on Sunís Evolving Role as Java Evangelist as well as my previous Weblogs on Sun ONE.

By marching down this path, I believe that Sun is going to find more risk than reward for their investment in this strategy. Also, by doing so, they have clouded the original Sun ONE message as a Web services platform.

What do you think of Sun's claim that it's a softare giant based on its Sun ONE announcement? Is this that important for Sun as it could potentially endanger their more important endeavors?