Sun SPOT(Small Programmable Object Technology) Java Development Kit available now

by Hari K. Gottipati

Do you remember Microsoft's SPOT watch which debuted at 2004 CES? Sun is also experimenting Small Programmable Object Technology with project Sun SPOT, an ongoing research project at Sun Labs from late 2003. The result of the research is Sun SPOT device.

Starting today, the first limited-production run of Sun SPOT Java Development Kits is now available for U.S customers. The kit costs $550 as some hardware involved in it. The Sun SPOT development kit includes everything needed to start developing applications for your Sun SPOT. The kit is a bundle of:
-Two complete Sun SPOT devices with demo sensor boards
-A base station Sun SPOT to connect to your development machine
-Software development tools
-USB cable

The development tools are compatible with Windows XP with Java runtime, Mac OS X 10.4 or better and most common Linux distributions. You can order SPOT kit here. In addition, the API specification for the initial release of the Sun SPOT libraries is available for preview at