SunNetwork 2002 Conference and Pavillion

by Steve Anglin

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The first SunNetwork conference contains enthusiasm, buzz and more. It is Sun's first user conference in years. Combined with its developer audience, look for the following...

Today's sessions covered include JXTA and JAX-RPC. The JXTA session was an introductory session on peer-to-peer fundamentals. It covered "HelloWorld" and how to register as a peer, with detailed Java 2SE-based code examples. JXTA also has C, Python, and other language implementations. The JAX-RPC session covered how JAX-RPC bridges or maps WSDL to Java classes, and serves notice as a possible replacement for JAXM in terms of messaging. JAX-RPC may become the key interoperability API in Sun's Web services strategy. Look for JAX-RPC to incorporate SOAP 1.2 real soon as well. For more on today's sessions, visit Sessions, Wednesday September 18.

No, SunNetwork 2002 is not another Java conference. It's much more, focused on how Sun's Sun ONE (Open Network Environment), not to be confused for open source, is a complete, integration and interoperability environment, framework, as well as product tool suite for enabling the development, administration, management and use of Java, Web services, Solaris OS, Linux OS in a comprehensive and cost efficient manner. At least, that's my take on it so far. Sun ONE is not just Web services anymore; that's for sure. It's also more than just a suite of tools. This conference is attempting to clarify the message behind Sun ONE. And so far, it's doing that.

Bye for now. The next round of sessions are beginning. If you're unable to attend today, check it out tomorrow and/or Friday.

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