Sun's new Java site live!

by Steve Anglin

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Sun's new Java site is live. Actually, it's still However, has been upgraded substantially, including the following:

  • Better left-hand side (LHS) navigation

  • Improved overall navigation

  • An A-Z Index of all Java terms -- Great for those new to Java!

  • Sample Code Repositories for all the major Java API -- Great resource for developers who need solutions and fast!

  • Access to other Java API and code through docs on site

  • Focus is on Java as a technology, not a product

  • Improved Java forums for community dialog and code exchange

  • Java search engine using Google

  • Nice look

This new upgrade debuted online in early July. So, keep in mind that there may still be some bugs as well as additional new features pending.

However, since I know some of the people over there, I would be happy to pass along any advice, issues, suggestions and more you have for

Share your thoughts about the new and improved Thanks.


2002-08-12 12:42:21
Yeah for new design!
This isn't to say that I don't like applets, they have their place, but THANK GOD Sun got rid of the applets off their home page!
2002-08-12 15:10:12
Where's the A-Z index?
A link to it is not on the front page.
2002-08-12 15:21:12
Where's the A-Z index?