by John Sequeira

It's somewhat draining hearing so many web 2.0 pitches which amount to 'We're going to work exactly like the tool you're used to, but without synchronous server round-trips. Isn't that great?!?' No -- that's not great. It reminds of all the boom-startups who thought moving mail-order to the web was revolutionary ... it's just too obvious too really be intriguing.

So I didn't have high hopes when I met a couple of folks working at one of my office-condo neighbors, and found out that their company (Kyube) is doing a web 2.0 CMS called SimplifyCMS. But they demo'd it for me, and I liked it a lot.


2007-12-16 07:00:10
No CMS Programming.

Instead of writing complex server code or fumbling with vulnerable client-side "JavaScript Password Protection" schemes, this program offers an inexpensive online solution that lets you simply copy and paste customized code snippets to protect any of your web pages.

You could try to use JavaScript to keep your pages secure, but any visitor could bypass that in a few minutes. One need only turn off Metas and turn off JavaScript in the browser to gain entry! Beware of competitors' systems which utilize this flimsy technique to protect your pages.

Using this software, you can effectively keep your pages private. It's because this program functions "server side" using scripting language. (In simpler terms, that means your pages are secured before they're even delivered to the browser). Yet there's no server modifications or program installations necessary.

If you know how to edit your web pages then you already know how to use this software!

If you need more info. about this program email me at and I'll send it asap.