Supervisord: A Python Program to control Unix Programs

by Noah Gift

Just a quick FYI, Chris McDonough has his PyCon 2008 slides up already on his Supervisor talk. In a nutshell:

"Supervisor is a Python program that allows
you to start, stop, and restart other
programs on UNIX systems. It can restart
crashed processes. Built on Medusa. "

Here are the slides.
Here is the current manual.

We will be talking about Supervisor in our book on Python for Systems Administration. It is a great tool. If you have not used supervisor, at the very least easy install it, and try out the "cat" example in the manual.


2008-02-24 23:54:45
Link to manual -
(the link in the entry above includes a " at the end which returns 404)
Josef Assad
2008-02-25 02:21:07
The link to the manual has a superfluous " at the end Noah.
2008-02-25 04:41:24
Fixed, the manual is now pointing to the correct location. Thanks for the heads up, the tag was missing a quote.
2008-02-29 14:44:58
um.... got time? - just grab it on a lab machine?

Oh.. ye.. tickets for PyCon plz? - Chicago March 13-16th plz plz plaiiiize mon cherri