Support Everything! The Legacy of Apeiron

by Joshua Scott Emmons


This month, Ambrosia Software announced an update to their highly-addictive and award-wining game, Apeiron X. This update didn’t steal many headlines. It was only a point-release, after all. And it didn’t add a bunch of new levels or secret weapons. When you’ve got a track record like Apeiron has, you don’t mess with success.

So what’s the big deal about version 1.0.2? Apeiron is now a Universal binary. And what’s so special about a universal version of everyone’s favorite mushroom shooter, you may ask? Easy. Now that Apeiron has added Macintels to its list of compatible machines, it officially runs on every generation of Macintosh.


2006-05-21 07:59:23
Shame they won't be releasing a universal binary of EV Nova. That's their best game in my opinion.

2006-05-24 00:51:01
Yeah, & don't mention Coldstone or PoG, Coldstone is the most expensive product Ambrosia released AFAIK and made useless after one OS update.

I was told they would resolve the issues with PoG in mid-2003, it's still unchanged from then.

So... I think someone just likes playing Apeiron.

2006-05-25 09:05:27
What about ARES? Loved that game but not OSX compatable why
Andrew Welch
2006-05-25 14:41:33
Anonymous, the issues with PoG are beyond Ambrosia's control. The original developers abandoned the game. If you look at our history, PoG is the exception rather than the rule... and there's a reason for that.
Andrew Welch
2006-05-25 14:45:59
Omran, regarding Ares, it'd be nice to have a MacOS X native version of it. We asked the developer, it doesn't look like he's interested in doing the port. We could attempt to do it ourselves, but it would take quite a commitment to update all of the titles we've published that were written by third party developers.

Products we own, we've been updating -- products we do not own, we have tried to get the original developers to update, but many of them have moved on. Ultimately, we have to choose whether to devote our resources to constantly porting/fixing/updating older games, or working on newer ones. Unless it is trivial to do, the latter is unfortunately the right choice.

Apeiron was updated because it's our product; we're working on a number of new products, as well as updates to existing products that we have control over. Ares isn't on the menu unfortunately.

2006-05-25 16:18:47
Does Ambrosia retain the source code for its 3rd party products? And if so, would you consider open sourcing abandonware so that the fan base might continue support for products that you can't or won't?
2006-06-01 13:26:11
Would like to see a UB version of Maelstrom, although the PPC version works pretty well under Rosetta.
2006-09-12 20:11:59
how do i get it free