Support Open Source Software by Donating a Mac >= G4

by M. David Peterson

Technical ... Stressings

The future home of the n[ui]x Development Libraries.Heres the whole scoop;
On auguest 2nd 2006 my house was robbed. Stolen were my iBook G4, an iPod and 2 thumbdrives. The iBook was my only Macintosh computer and my development box. The iPod and one of the Thumbdrives i was using to backup on a daily basis. So i'm stuck. I have no Mac to continue my work, the only burned backup i have was 3 months old at that point (hard to do as it was 4 DVDS).

As soon as i can get my hands on another Macintosh, and an iPod i will continue development. Untill then, Molten Visuals will continue to host the current downloads untill Feburary 2007. At that point assuming i have the funds this stie will host the files. This site will also become the active host as soon as development continues.

Anyone thowing away a working G4 or Newer Macintosh, would be willing to part with it, and would like to support this project please contact me. Contact details can be found at Xargos.

Due to problems at Molten Visuals the blog formerlly there will now be hosted at

Glenn Martin
n[ui]x Developer.

Firstly, to whom ever it was that robbed Glenn's house,