Surj Patel on Distributing the Future podcast

by Bruce Stewart

111-future_distro.gif Emerging Telephony conference co-chair Surj Patel was interviewed on Daniel Steinberg's latest Distributing the Future podcast. Surj talks about some of the cool and innovative new telephony applications we're seeing, and how VoIP is enabling a whole new world of voice applications. He also highlights some of the topics and speakers that we'll see at the upcoming Emerging Telephony conference in San Francisco, this January 24-26. Remember, readers of this site qualify for a 40% discount when you register, just use the code etel06v40.

And if you haven't yet discovered Daniel's Distributing the Future weekly technology podcast, you're going to thank me for this pointer. His podcasts are the ones I most look forward to, he covers a wide range of technologies and issues in an insightful and interesting way, with polish and panache.