Surveying the Landscape: Technorati

by Harold Davis

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I'm going to be survey the world of tagging on the web, because I think this is an important (and occasionally obscure) area. Tagging has been dubbed the process of creating a folksonomy because it creates categorization schemes from the ground-up, rather than imposing heirarchies based on the opinion's of experts.

Let's start with Technorati. Technorati bills itself as the leading authority with what is going on in weblogs.

A little less nebulously, Technorati offers three important facilities:
- You can claim a weblog
- You can mark a post with a tag
- You can contribute your own tags

For these services to be meaningful, Technorati needs a library of tags and associations. This compendium comes from photos tagged in Flickr, links tagged in Delicious and Furl, and tags suggested by bloggers.

To claim a blog, you create a Technorati account, enter the URL for your blog, click the Claim Weblog button, add a little JavaScript code to the front page (or sidebar) of your blog, and ping Technorati to tell them you've added the code. (Here are instructions and discussion in the Technorati blog.) The code on your blog front page adds a link to all the blogs that link to yours. For example, I followed this process for Photoblog 2.0; you can see the Technorati logo and link part way down the sidebar on the right.

To add a blog entry of yours to the Technorati discussion "about" a given tag, search in Technorati for the tag, and then add the generated HTML code for the tag to your blog entry. For example, I am adding the Technorati link code for the tags , , , and to this entry. In my opinion, this process and facility is the most important Technorati offering - it's a great way to direct traffic interested in an area of discussion to your blog. This makes for high-quality traffic, because the content is relevant, and it makes it in the interest of bloggers to extent the Technorati folksonomy.

To add tags to the Technorati collection, you can add a tag to one of the sources Technorati uses, such as Flickr. Alternatively, you can tag your tag in one of two ways within your blog page (more information). Creating a category within a blog tells Technorati to treat the name of the category as a tag.

If I'm missing anything important, please let me know...


2005-06-26 11:07:51
just a clarification note
There are several ways to claim your blog through Technorati. Not all of them require the addition of code to your pages. Just to add to all that.